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High speed slitting machine

Digital finishing machine
High speed slitting machine
Technical Highlights:
1. servo driven unwinder
-precise unwind tension control
-reel end detector

2.electronic webguide with ultrasonic web sensor

3.servodriven precision slitting cassette
-precise slitting tension control
-quick exchange cassette for setup outside the rewinder
-during production to reduce setup time and waste

4.trim waste extraction fan

5.extended web path for automatic stop at splice table during QC-inspection and doctoring mode

6.easy access splice table with web clamps

7.semi automatic, servo driven turret rewinder
-automatic slow down, stop & turn at selected reel diameter or
-label count for signifificant increase in productivity
-exchangeable shafts for various diameters

8. user friendly 10” touch screen HMI, job archive (>500 settings) to reduce setup time and waste, remote service access by modem
NO.Nameparam  eter
1Max. Roll Width370mm
2Max. Mechanical Speed300m/min
3Max. Unwind Diameter800mm
4Max. Rewind Diameter450mm
5Unwind driveServo motor
6Rewind driveServo motor
7Semi automatic turret  rewinderYes
8Electronic web-guideYes
9Slitting Accuracy+/-0.2mm
NO.Nameparam  eter
1Quick change  knives
2Shear knivesYes
3Razor knivesYes
4Trim waste  extractionYes
5Linear meter  counterYes
6Power  Consumption6kw
7Air Supply100 psi
8Power Supply3PH+ N+ PE
9Machine Weight1.5T
10Machine size1800mm*1450mm*