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Vertical High-speed laminated Film Slitting Machine

Vertical High-speed laminated Film Slitting Machine
Vertical High-speed laminated Film Slitting Machine
1.Adoptes advanced man-machine interface system, with meter automatic stop, automatic detection of remaining amount, working parameters can be set and operating status can be displayed on the screen.

2.Famous and imported brands of parts are used for Low-voltage electrical appliances and pneumatic components

3. The main machine and the rewinding use synchronous servo motor, ensure the tension is stable, the rewinding is neat and the waste edge is not easy to break.

4. Rewinding adopts 3" spline differential air shaft, optional for automatic unloading rack, saving time and effort.

5. Unwinding adopts integrated 3"/6" universal shaftless for loading and unloading, automatic hydraulic feeding, saving time and effort

6、Equipped with negative pressure paper connection platform, saving time for material change

7、Adopts advanced web guide system

8、Steel roller is driven by a synchronous servo motor and pressing roller is made of wear-resistant rubber
1Web Width1300 mm
2Unwinding Diameter∮800mm
3Rewinding Diameter∮450mm   
4Slitting Web Width30 mm - 1300 mm
5Maximum Speed (Depending on Different Materials)500m/min
6Motor 4kw  Servo Motor 
7Rewinding Motor4kw  Servo Motor
8Transfer MethodSynchronous Belt
9Slitting Accuracy±0.1mm
10Total Power15kw
12Machine Weight3000kg
13Dimensions(Length*Width*Height) L 4590mm*W 1350mm*H 2080mm